Executive Summary

"Creating the World We Want to Live In" is LMU's strategic plan for the period 2021-26. Following an 18-month process of community deliberation, the final text of the plan was recommended by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, approved by President Snyder, and formally adopted by the Board of Trustees.

The plan begins with a discussion of the context for the plan's priorities, followed by a restatement LMU's institutional mission and core values.

  • Context for the Plan
  • Institutional Mission
  • Core Values

Next, the plan articulates a strategic vision for LMU's future and three strategic commitments that are integral to the successful achievement of that vision.

The plan designates five spotlight initiatives, each with its own goal, objectives, and action steps, that collectively describe the specific tactics to be used in achieving the vision.

Finally, the plan describes how LMU will implement, oversee, and assess the success of these action steps.