LMU in 2026

Structure of the Strategic Plan

The plan conceives of LMU's strategy as consisting of three interdependent elements.

First, the center of the plan is a unifying vision, which describes what LMU will look like in the future as a consequence of the plan's success.

Second, the plan makes three commitments, which are intentional elements of LMU's overall institutional approach that the university believes are keys to our future success and will help distinguish LMU from other institutions of higher education.

Finally, the plan names five spotlight initiatives – specific actions that draw on one or more of the commitments to help move LMU toward achieving the vision.

The following diagram illustrates the interrelation between these three elements, populated with the content of the plan's commitments and spotlight initiatives:

A graphic of three concentric circles, with the outermost ring broken into thirds to list the three Commitments, the second ring broken into fifths to list the five Initiatives, and the innermost ring representing the overall Vision