Extending Our Reach Beyond the Bluff

Recognizing the need for increased educational impact and solidarity with our neighbors near and far, we will increase the range and variety of our engagements locally, nationally and globally to broaden the experiences our students encounter and the insights they develop as they prepare to impact an increasingly interdependent world.

A graphic of three concentric circles with the inner two circles grayed out and one-third of the outer circle titled Extending Our Reach Beyond the Bluff

Rationale and Strategic Approach

The ongoing mission of Catholic higher education is to continually engage the frontiers of knowledge and service to others, forming "whole persons of solidarity with the real world." In an increasingly global and interdependent world, located at the crossroads of the United States, the Pacific, and Latin America, in the world's largest Catholic archdiocese, with the world's fastest-growing media-technology nexus at our doorstep and the world's most culturally diverse city as our neighborhood, LMU has exceptional opportunities for local and global interaction. We must build the partnerships that enrich our students' experiences and their potential to learn and grow and vigorously engage the world our students are preparing to enter.

This commitment encourages us to pursue actions that will:

  • Selectively engage and extend initiatives that promote globally conscious perspectives and drive international learning experiences.
  • Pursue community partnerships that broaden student learning experiences and engage with underserved populations.
  • Expand industry partnerships that enhance professional learning opportunities for students.
  • Continue to strengthen our national and international reputation.