Campus Teams

The Strategic Planning Committee is enlisting the help of Campus Teams to leverage the expertise and diverse perspectives of our faculty, staff, and other stakeholders to help analyze and solve the university's most significant challenges. In particular, the Campus Teams will assist in helping to define the contours of several potential strategic issues facing the university and brainstorm potential goals and actions.

Campus Teams will examine their assigned issue through two main lenses, Mission and Competitiveness:

  • Mission: What will enhance our ability to pursue our threefold mission of the encouragement of learning, the education of the whole person, and the service of faith and the promotion of justice in the Catholic, Jesuit and Marymount traditions?
  • Competitiveness: What will enhance our ability to compete effectively as an institution of higher education in a rapidly changing environment – advancing our national and international reputation, helping to recruit and retain our best faculty, staff, and student prospects, and maximizing our comparative advantage as a provider of educational services.

Campus Teams will report to the Steering Committee through a briefing memo that identifies overall goals or outcomes we should be aiming for related to the issue; potential barriers to achieving those goals or outcomes; and potential strategies we might pursue, including pros and cons of each. These reports will be circulated to the full university community in March.

Campus Teams and Topics

Access, Affordability, and Enrollment Success

How can we improve access and affordability for our students while ensuring enrollment success and financial sustainability amidst changing demographics?

  • David Berube, Seaver College of Science and Engineering
  • Christina Eubanks-Turner, Seaver College of Science and Engineering
  • Evelyn Fajardo, Admissions
  • Jamie Hazlitt, Library
  • Patrick Hogan, Finance
  • Jessica Laar, ASLMU
  • Jennifer Pate, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
  • Thomas Poon, Provost, Team Leader
  • William Perez, School of Education
  • Amber Sanchez, Institutional Research
  • Maureen Weatherall, Enrollment Management

Curricular & Co-Curricular Learning

How can we integrate students' curricular/co-curricular learning experiences to maximize the benefits of whole-person education?

  • José Badenes, S.J., Provost's Office, Team Leader
  • Chelsea Brown, Center for Service and Action
  • Camille Bryan, ASLMU
  • Stacy Cabaj, College of Communication and Fine Arts
  • Lisa Farland, University Advancement
  • Maire Ford, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
  • Lisa Loberg, Study Abroad
  • Briana Maturi, Student Affairs
  • Elena Muslar, Career and Professional Development
  • Brad Stone, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts

Diversity and Inclusion

How can we leverage LMU's commitment to diversity to produce better results in recruitment, retention, inclusion and success of faculty, staff, and students across differences of race/ethnicity, gender/sexuality, nationality, religion, ability and status?

  • Jennifer Abe, Intercultural Affairs
  • Shaun Anderson, College of Communication and Fine Arts
  • Cindy Archer, Loyola Law School
  • Marne Campbell, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, Team Leader
  • Michelle Castellanos, Institutional Research
  • Ernesto Colin, School of Education
  • Adam Fingerhut, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
  • Camille Orozco, ASLMU
  • Susan Scheibler, School of Film and Television
  • Sara Trivedi, Human Resources

Innovative and Inclusive Pedagogy and Curriculum

How can we improve our use of innovative and inclusive pedagogies and curricula?

  • Darlene Aguilar, Library
  • Crista Copp, Information Technology Services
  • José Garcia-Moreno, School of Film and Television, Team Leader
  • Mitch Hamilton, College of Business Administration
  • Kevin Lapp, Loyola Law School
  • Jacqueline Leung, Academic Resource Center
  • Priscilla Levine, Disability Support Services
  • Allison Noyes, College of Communication and Fine Arts
  • Anthony Perron, University Core Curriculum/Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
  • Martina Ramirez, Center for Teaching Excellence and Seaver College of Science
  • Kyle Saavedra, ASLMU

Interdisciplinary and Trans-Disciplinary Academics

How can we more effectively engage with academic problems and improve methods that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries?

  • Jeffery Atik, LMU Loyola Law School
  • Christopher Caughman, GSLMU
  • Tina Choe, Seaver College of Science and Engineering, Team Co-Leader
  • Jordan Gadd, University Advancement
  • Paul Harris, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
  • Melanie Hubbard, Library
  • Katie Jones, Marketing and Communications
  • John Sebastian, Mission and Ministry
  • Matt Stefl, College of Business Administration, Team Co-Leader
  • Maired Sullivan, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
  • Jeff Schwartz, Information Technology Services

"Non-Traditional" Education

How can we improve our educational opportunities "beyond the bluff" through academic programs online and in new locations? How can we better serve and attract non-traditional students, and promote ongoing and lifelong learning by LMU students, alumni, and affiliates?

  • Elsy Arevalo, Center for Religion and Spirituality
  • Brandon Estrella, GSLMU
  • Christopher Finlay, College of Communication and Fine Arts
  • Matt Frank, Information Technology Services
  • Thomas Gutto, Enrollment Management
  • Dorothea Herreiner, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
  • Rebecca Hong, Provost's Office, Team Co-Leader
  • Magaly Lavadenz, School of Education, Team Co-Leader
  • Priya Sridharan, Loyola Law School
  • Marianna Villa, Marketing and Communications
  • Madhubalan Viswanathan, College of Business Administration

R2: LMU as a "High Research Activity" University

How do we want to be an R2 university? How can we better integrate a commitment to research success with foundational academic and mission commitments?

  • Stephanie Archila, GSLMU
  • Richard Fox, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
  • Patrick Frontiera, ITS, Team C0-Leader
  • Angelica Gutierrez, College of Business Administration
  • Lei Huang, Seaver College of Science and Engineering
  • Karen Huchting, School of Education
  • Mary Beth Ingham, C.S.J., Trustee, Team Co-Leader
  • Kim Misa, Intercultural Affairs
  • Leena Pendharkar, School of Film and Television
  • Nancy Pineda-Madrid, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
  • Kathleen Weaver, Provost's Office

Student Success and Student Resiliency

How can we better prepare and support our students to get the most from their LMU education, retain and persist through graduation, and overcome obstacles that inhibit their educational achievement?

  • Arnab Banerji, College of Communication and Fine Arts
  • Christine Chavez, Institutional Research
  • Elizabeth Drummond, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
  • Darin Earley, School of Education
  • Terri Mangione, Student Affairs, Team Leader
  • Elsie Mares, ASLMU
  • Krushan Naik, GSLMU
  • Rebecca Okida, Student Housing
  • Devra Schwartz, Campus Safety and Security
  • Edward Siebert, S.J., School of Film and Television/Campus Ministry
  • Mia Watson, Academic Resource Center