Spotlight Initiatives

Our spotlight initiatives describe the main objectives and actions on which the plan will focus. Each spotlight initiative:

  • advances a single, specific strategic goal consonant with the university's mission through multiple tactical actions linked cohesively;
  • builds upon one or more of the plan's strategic commitments;
  • produces or extends a competitively differentiating advantage for the university; and
  • involves a significant investment of financial resources, time, and/or leadership focus.

These spotlight initiatives do not list every action LMU will pursue over the next five years. Many activities that are part of our core academic and business operations must continue and, in some cases, intensify in order to provide educational excellence, ensure stable enrollments and finances, and advance the elements of our overall strategy.

Notably, several of the spotlight initiatives below build directly on elements of the previous strategic plan "Forming Leaders who Transform the World, 2012-20." In addition to these extensions of previous strategic initiatives, LMU will continue to consolidate our progress on key achievements from the previous strategic plan, including our efforts to:

  • promote academic excellence and rigor;
  • continue our focus on post-baccalaureate success;
  • value and support the teacher-scholar model;
  • expand local and global engagement:
  • advance our role as a premier Catholic university;
  • deepen our commitment to sustainability and environmental justice; and
  • significantly enhance the university's reputation.

Thus the omission of a specific item from the spotlight initiatives below does not necessarily mean it is unimportant or that the university will not pursue it with intention.

Instead, the spotlight initiatives constitute the focal points for unified action required to achieve the vision and build a better institutional future. The plan "spotlights" these initiatives to structure our organizational thinking, prioritize the allocation of scarce strategic resources, and solicit an all-hands effort from the university community.

For 2021-26, LMU's spotlight initiatives are:

  1. Learning for Justice, Inclusion, and Transformation Initiative
  2. Integrative and Interdisciplinary Thinking Initiative
  3. Personalized Connections Initiative
  4. Discovery and Innovation in Graduate and Professional Education Initiative
  5. Access LMU Initiative