• October: Strategic planning process announced to the LMU community
  • November: Steering Committee begins meeting
  • November-December: Steering Committee conducts strategic planning survey of LMU community and reviews survey results
  • December: Steering Committee reviews survey result


  • January-February: Steering Committee drafts mission and values statements and conducts environmental scan process
  • March-June: Steering Committee drafts vision statement and identifies potential strategic issues to address
  • September: Preliminary report (mission, values, vision statements, and potential strategic issues) circulated to the LMU community for feedback
  • October-December: Steering Committee drafts strategic plan


  • January-February: Draft of strategic plan circulated to LMU community for feedback
  • March-April: Draft of strategic plan is revised based on community feedback and submitted to the president and Board for review
  • May: New strategic plan announced to LMU community