Campus climate is broadly defined as a campus community’s current attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and standards regarding respect, diversity and inclusion. Numerous studies have shown that campus climate impacts all of the campus community - students, staff and faculty - on a variety of outcomes such as academic, professional and personal development. Surveys are conducted periodically to better understand how the campus community is experiencing their learning, living and work environments related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Below are a list of the climate surveys that have been administered to LMU's students, staff and faculty by year, dating back to 2006. Links, accessible via, to summaries are also provided. 




Higher Education Research Institute's (HERI) Faculty Survey

HERI Staff Climate Survey


Preliminary Findings

Executive Summary

Executive Summary (English)

Executive Summary (Spanish) 


Community Check-in Survey during the COVID-19 pandemic

Research Brief


Faculty Service Study

Executive Summary


Faculty Retention Study (conducted by Institutional Research)

Faculty Climate Survey

Staff Climate Survey

Undergraduate Student Climate Survey

Graduate Student Climate Survey

Faculty Retention Study Report

Executive Summary

Executive Summary 

Executive Summary

Executive Summary


Staff Engagement Survey

Executive Summary


Faculty Climate Study

Executive Summary


Speak Up, Speak Out Staff Survey

Executive Summary