Welcome to the Systemic Analysis Progress Page

This page provides the LMU community with updated information on the systemic analysis process that is occurring across the university.  The information will eventually be organized in two ways.  Initially, the information is organized by areas of responsibility, including senior leadership and deans (e.g., President, Provost, Administration, and Colleges/Schools).  This will enable the campus community to track issues to be addressed, proposed action steps, and outcomes assessment in each area.

Later, once there is a body of data that has been gathered on outcomes assessment,  the information will also be organized by areas of Presidential commitment (e.g., Hiring, Climate and Culture, and Education).


Equity Scorecard and Other Data

Equity Scorecard Process and Data

Office of Institutional Research & Decision Support

The Staff Equity Scorecard has been developed by DEI with data provided by Human Resources. It is available to view for Loyola Law School and LMU’s Westchester campus:

LLS Staff Scorecard

LMU Staff Scorecard

The Graduate Student Scorecard has been developed by DEI with data provided by the office of Institutional Research and Decision Support.

LLS Graduate Student Scorecard

LMU Graduate Student Scorecard

Multiethnic Student Survey

LMU’s Multiethnic Taskforce was created to address concerns and develop ways that LMU can better serve multiethnic students who are navigating their identities in this way. From 2016-18, the Multiethnic Student Survey was conducted. Access the summary of findings below.

LMU This Week Column on being Mixed

Summary of Multiethnic Student Survey Findings

Community Check-in Survey

The Community Check-in Survey provides a snapshot of how LMU is doing during COVID-19 in the areas of: sense of community, level of disruption due to COVID-19, remote learning experience, perception of LMU/LLS. Participants were also asked about what has been most challenging and helpful strategies during COVID-19. Participants provided suggestions on what would continue to keep them connected to the campus.

We acknowledge that the picture painted by the first survey (April 2020) is very limited: It took place before staff furloughs, before the video of George Floyd’s killing went viral, and before the protests began. The second survey was administered in October 2020 and assessed our new virtual campus as well as community morale related to COVID-19 and racial justice.

Access the April 2020 survey briefing here.

Access Part I of the October 2020 survey briefing here.


President Snyder's Three Commitments:

“We will increase the diversity and inclusiveness of our LMU community and commit resources to do so.”

“We will ensure that our organizational climate and culture are anti-racist, equitable, and inclusive, with particular attention to anti-Black racism.”

“An LMU education must be unequivocally inclusive and anti-racist.”

High Impact Action Items

Campus Unit Progress Reports