Recruitment, Retention, & Inclusive Climate

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion defines inclusive excellence as: 

Institutional excellence that fully integrates values of diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of its work:

Mission, vision, and strategic planning
Curriculum and co-curriculum
Campus climate and community
Infrastructure, policies, and processes

By intersecting the values of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Equity-Mindedness, and LMU's Mission, we work to cultivate an institutional climate that promotes inclusive excellence. 

As part of a broad effort to fulfill our mission to promote educational excellence, the education of the whole person, service of faith and the promotion of justice, we will:

  • Promote a diverse LMU community at all levels: boards, administrators, faculty, staff, and
  • Support academic success for all students, acknowledging the importance of retaining and
    graduating students from underrepresented groups and first generation college students.
  • Support Faculty and Staff retention and promotion, acknowledging the importance of unde
    represented groups.
  • Enhance curriculum, pedagogy, scholarship and creative work, to involve students and
    faculty in the learning process and to prepare them to engage issues of diversity as
    concerned citizens of the world.
  • Provide ongoing education and development about creating an inclusive climate for the
    university community where all can thrive.
  • Provide resources to create and sustain a culture of evidence that emphasizes assessment,
    critical analysis, and the identification of solutions.