Cultural Consciousness Conversations

Have you ever felt stuck or at a loss in a discussion that revolves around race/ethnicity, identity, politics, and/or religion or other differences?  Do you ever wish you had a space in which you could have these conversations to gain more self-awareness as well as a greater understanding of others who come from different backgrounds and experiences?

  • Cultural Consciousness Conversations is a project of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in collaboration with the Student Affairs’ Ethnic and Intercultural Services and the Office for International Students and Scholars (Henry Ward and Csilla Samay). This cohort of faculty, staff, and administrators from various divisions around campus get together once a month to share stories, learn from one another, examine societal norms and cultural differences, and deepen connections across all sectors of the LMU community. The aim of this project is to cultivate intergroup relations, including campus conversations and dialogues around difference.  

    The year-long program is designed to meet the following OUTCOMES:  

    • Deepen critical self-awareness; 
    • Expand an understanding of others across social categories and a variety of differences by creating an environment for open and honest dialogue; 
    • Challenge personal narratives and societal norms which create inequities to move towards positive collective change; 
    • Develop meaningful relationships with persons from different backgrounds, who also represent different sectors of the LMU campus community; 
    • Complete foundational work to build capacity for facilitating intergroup dialogues with others. 

    The program CURRICULUM prompts self-reflection, new social contexts, and education within such topics as:  

    Spirituality & Inter-religious Issues 

    Immigrants, Undocumented, & Refugees 


    Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity 

    Race & Ethnicity 

    Power & Privilege