Implicit Bias Initiative

LMU’s Implicit Bias Initiative, which launched in October 2016, remains an important focus for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Its primary objectives include the following:

  • To help administrators, faculty, staff, and students achieve bias literacy by developing an in-depth understanding of how our minds work, real-world implications of implicit biases on numerous aspects of people’s daily lives, and evidence-based strategies for mitigating bias.
  • To encourage administrators, faculty, staff, and students to use their new knowledge by engaging in intentional behavioral changes that reduce the activation and application of implicit bias.
  • To achieve a change in cultural norms across all components of LMU’s environment, e. curricular and co-curricular programs, decision-making committees, hiring committees and task forces, classrooms, residence halls, athletic fields, and dining halls.

an art piece of a grey wall with diverse faces


Photo Source: ThinkStock Images