Implicit Bias Initiative Components


The Implicit Bias Initiative consists of two major components that support the LMU community in understanding and working against implicit biases:

1. Year-round workshops for students, staff, and faculty

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has worked hard to spread the knowledge about implicit bias across the LMU campus. Professors Adam Fingerhut and Nora Murphy have led numerous implicit bias workshops for over 100 LMU faculty, helping to start the conversation about implicit biases in our classrooms and department offices. Additionally, Student Affairs instituted implicit bias workshops for all incoming first-year and transfer students in Fall 2018 through the LMU CARES program. Trained facilitators were able to offer workshops to over 2,000 new LMU students through this effort and will continue this program this coming Fall. Finally, Human Resources has instituted implicit bias workshops for the over 1,000 LMU staff members that begun in Fall 2019.

2. The President’s Leadership Development Retreat on Mitigating Implicit Bias

From the initial launch in 2016 to 2019, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has hosted three Leadership Development Retreats on Implicit Bias, which have drawn 480 faculty, staff, and administrators from LMU and Loyola Law School. Through bringing in nationally-recognized experts and scholars in implicit bias, the Retreats have been instrumental in helping the LMU community introduce the understanding of the concept of bias literacy and strategies to mitigate them.