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Diversity & Inclusion Resources

Part of the mission of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is to build a campus climate dedicated to inclusive excellence. Here you will find articles, helpful tips, and other sources that contribute to our knowledge and understanding of diverse issues and support the framework for our university's mission. 

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D & I Quick Tips

Useful References in the Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion

  1. Helpful Principles to Fostering Inclusive Excellence (printable)
  2. Implementing a Universal Design for Learning (printable)
  3. Disarming Microaggressions (printable)
  4. A Practice of Cultural Humility at Three Levels (printable)
  5. Using Pronouns to Promote Inclusivity (printable)
  6. Individual Strategies to Mitigate Implicit Bias (printable)
  7. Equity-Minded Practices for Remote Environments



External Resources


Enhancing Campus Climates for Racial/Ethnic Diversity: Educational Policy and Practice
Hurtado, Milem, Clayton-Pederson, & Allen (1998) 

Disarming Racial Microaggressions: Microintervention Strategies for Targets, White Allies, and Bystanders 
Sue, Alsaidi, Awad, Glaeser, Calle, & Mendez (2019)

Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation -- CHAPTER ONE
Sue (2010)

Being an Active Bystander: Strategies for Challenging the Emergence of Bias
Lena Tenney (2017)

Beyond Cultural Competence, Toward Social Transformation: Liberation Psychologies and the Practice of Cultural Humility
Jennifer Abe (2019)


5 Accessibility Features Every Learner Should Know 
Luis Peréz, The Website of Luis Perez (2016)

9 Tips for Promoting Gender-Inclusive Planning
Gender Inclusive Planning How to, Tools for the Trade (2020)

9 Questions to Guide Your Cultural Proficiency
Randall B. Lindsey, Corwin Connect (2016) 

How Search Committees Can See Bias in Themselves
Lucy A. Leske, The Chronicle (2016) 

'Minoritized:' a violent word
K. Ward Cummings, Baltimore Sun (2019)

Please also see DEI's Inclusive Excellence Glossary (2018)