Inclusive History and Images Project

Group of students outside, circa 1970

Asians and Pacific Islanders constituted a small but growing sector of the LMU undergraduate population.

Coretta Scott King at LMU with faculty, staff and students
Coretta Scott King Speaks at LMU, March 1989

Students reading the Bulletin, 1974
Students on campus in the '70s

Students browse course options in the LMU Bulletin, 1974.

MEChA Press Conference, circa 1990

Photos from The Loyola Marymount University Historical Collection, courtesy of The William H. Hannon Library, University Archives.

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James Kirk

About the Project

In 2020, Loyola Marymount University began its Anti-Racism Project to make the university as much an anti-racist institution as possible. The Inclusive History and Images Project is an important initiative in that project.

Though the general history of Loyola University, Marymount College, and LMU is known, faculty and staff are also keenly aware that there are stories that have not been documented, experiences that have not been expressed. Too often these overlooked occurrences involved Black, Latino/a and Latinx, Asian American and Pacific Islander, Indigenous, LGBTQ, and disabled members of the LMU family. The IHIP seeks to address these important gaps in our understanding of our own institutional history by gathering stories and images from alumni to tell the full and inclusive LMU story.

This website will collect and offer these stories to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. It will allow us to better understand where we have been and where a better future can begin.

Photo: Professor James Kirk, circa 1960. A pioneering African-American academic with expertise in urban affairs, Kirk served as a consultant to numerous civic initiatives.

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Featured Story

image of a letter dated 1950

LMU Stories: Remembering Our History, Reclaiming Ourselves

We lift up one of the stories from LMU’s past that helps us to reclaim our identity as an institution. Such stories help us stitch together our collective identity from the diverse stories that have woven us into the university we are today. Some stories, like this one, are uplifting, while others are not. This iconic story about the LMU football team of 1950, is excerpted from an article written by Brennan Campbell, a senior history major at LMU as part of a fall 2019 assignment for HIST 2910 “Telling History in Public” with Professor Elizabeth Drummond.

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Leadership & Steering Committee

Bryant Keith Alexander
Dean, College of Communication and Fine Arts, and interim Dean, School of Film & Television, co-chair

John Axtell
Associate Vice President, Communications, Marketing, Communications & External Relations

Cynthia Becht
Head, Archives & Special Collections, William. H. Hannon Library

Joe Bernardo
Intercultural Affairs Associate, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Michael Engh, SJ
Chancellor, co-chair

Lisa Piumetti Farland
Executive Director, Alumni & Parent Engagement

Branden Grimmett
Associate Provost, Career & Professional Development

Tiffany-Paige Hernandez
Student, Loyola Law School, GSASLMU representative

Margarita Ochoa
Associate Professor, History Department

Camille Orozco
ASLMU Representative

Jackson Palen
Student, ASLMU President