LMU Anti-Racism Workshop Series (LAWS)

Launched in Fall 2021, the semester-long program provides a learning environment for faculty and staff to gain a foundational understanding of anti-racism in society and in the university.

In these interactive workshops, participants will utilize an analytical framework - the four I’s of racism (Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Institutional, and Ideological) to develop skills and strategies to effectively combat racism in their spheres of influence. Community building circles and small group discussions will provide ample opportunities to grapple with key concepts and to learn from other participants how to dismantle racism together in community. This semester (Fall 2023), the complete LAWS experience will be offered over two day-long Friday retreats. The exact schedule is as follows:

Retreat 1: October 13
Retreat 2: November 10

*All times 10am-4pm. All workshops will be in person with lunch provided.

This is an amazing professional development opportunity for LMU faculty and staff and an astounding opportunity for our institution to have more change agents working towards becoming anti-racist. If you are interested in attending, please register here by September 27. If there are others you supervise or lead that you would like to nominate for the workshop series, please submit their information here by September 15. For any questions regarding LAWS, please reach out to joseph.bernardo@lmu.edu or jamal.epperson@lmu.edu.