LMU Anti-Racism Workshop Series (LAWS)

In Fall 2021, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion launched the first cohort of the LMU Anti-Racism Workshop Series (LAWS). The semester-long series of workshops and community building circles serve as a space for faculty and staff to begin to learn and explore racism and its many manifestations. 

The program consists of three interactive workshops where participants learn the four I’s of racism - Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Institutional, and Ideological - and how to build towards a life of combatting racism.  In between each workshop is a community building circle where participants have the opportunity to further dialogue about their roles in either supporting or dismantling racism.  Altogether, it is a commitment of six sessions during the semester.

The dates of the workshop series for Fall 2022 are as follows:

September 20 – LARC Workshop #1
October 4 – Community Building Circle
October 18 – LARC Workshop #2
November 1 - Community Building Circle
November 15 – LARC Workshop #3
November 30 – Community Building Circle

*All times 3-5pm.  All workshops will be in person.

This workshop series is part of the larger university effort to create an institution that embodies LMU’s commitment to inclusive excellence and anti-racism.  To make the cultural shifts necessary to address the long history of structural racism in our society and in our educational systems, we must begin to ask ourselves at LMU to dig deep and do the hard work of facing our personal and institutional inequities.

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