As the Jesuit university in Los Angeles, LMU delivers a nearly 500-year-old tradition of excellence in transformative education in one of the world’s great and dynamic cities at the dawn of a new millennium.

This convergence of tradition, time and place offers unique opportunities to engage the most pressing issues facing our city and the world at large, and presents profound potential for significant and transformative learning.  LMU will capitalize on these opportunities.  We will engage students in the complex and rapidly changing world beyond the campus, involve students in meaningful, hands-on learning experiences, and foster collaborations between faculty and students.

Our rich array of educational opportunities will attract a diverse pool of students who embrace the mission of the University and possess the academic potential and personal attributes necessary to participate in a rigorous and rewarding academic experience.  The vibrant intellectual climate and commitment to the teacher-scholar model will attract and nurture an accomplished and diverse faculty and staff that will further enhance the academic excellence of LMU.

Through immersion in undergraduate and graduate programs that are academically challenging, innovative and ethically focused, our graduates will leave LMU with the confidence and capabilities to compete with alumni of the world’s top universities.  Our graduates also will possess a broad definition of success.  Because of their deep understanding of the integration of reason, faith and justice, our graduates will become men and women for others, prepared to make a positive impact on the global community.

In addition to great strength in traditional academic disciplines, LMU will be known for nationally prominent interdisciplinary centers and graduate programs that promote research and study in areas of great social relevance, both locally and globally.

A premier university remains dynamic, ensuring the highest quality and currency of its programs and continuously striving to improve.  At the beginning of its second century, LMU will sharpen its focus on excellence and expand public awareness of its successes.  Through strategic prioritization of resources, innovative collaboration and high standards of operational excellence, we will be poised to address the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. 

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