March 2011

Strategic Planning Steering Committee is constituted

Steering Committee conducts Strategic Planning Survey

April 2011

Analysis of survey results

Steering Committee begins identifying current strengths and areas for improvement, as well as external opportunities and challenges

May 2011

Summer Working Groups are constituted to develop white papers that flesh out an assigned topic and propose possible strategies with the potential to move the University forward in that area.

July 2011

Working Groups submit their white papers to the Steering Committee

September 2011

Steering Committee completes preliminary draft of vision and strategic priorities

September-October 2011

Steering Committee solicits feedback on the draft from all stakeholders

November-December 2011

Steering Committee refines draft and continues to develop comprehensive strategic plan. 

January-February 2011

Steering Committee solicits feedback on the plan from all stakeholders

March-April 2012

Steering Committee submits final plan to the President

May 2012

Strategic Plan is submitted to Board of Trustees for approval