Provost's Planning Council

The general purpose of the Provost's Planning Council is to promote, coordinate, and oversee planning at the university level; facilitate the alignment of activities and resources with the university mission, goals, and priorities; and foster communication and coordination across campus about planning issues and activities.


  1. Make recommendations about priorities among and responsibilities for the major initiatives in the Strategic Plan.
  2. Oversee the implementation of university-level initiatives.
  3. Monitor campus progress toward the goals of the Strategic Plan, including:
    (a) establishing and tracking benchmarks and metrics for each goal, and
    (b) tracking progress on unit-level plans.
  4. Facilitate coordination between various planning groups and units.
  5. Periodically conduct environmental scans to identify new opportunities or threats.
  6. Periodically review and update the university Strategic Plan.


  • Joseph Hellige, Executive Vice President and Provost (Chair)
  • Bryant Keith Alexander, Dean, College of Communication and Fine Arts
  • Kristine Brancolini, Dean, William H. Hannon Library
  • Dennis Draper, Dean, College of Business Administration
  • Shane P. Martin, Dean, School of Education
  • Tina Choe, Dean, Seaver College of Science and Engineering
  • Stephen Ujlaki, Dean, School of Film and Television
  • Robbin Crabtree, Dean, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
  • John Kiralla, Vice President for Market and Communications
  • Michael Waterstone, Dean, Loyola Law School
  • Elizabeth Drummond, Associate Professor of History, President of the Faculty Senate (ex officio)
  • Elena Bove, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Robert Caro, Vice President for Mission and Ministry
  • Thomas Fleming, Senior Vice President for Business and Finance
  • Margaret Kasimatis, Vice Provost for Strategic Planning and Educational Effectiveness
  • Joseph LaBrie, Special Assistant to the President
  • Maureen Weatherall, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
  • Michael O'Sullivan, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Abbie Robinson-Armstrong, Vice President for Intercultural Affairs
  • Lynne Scarboro, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Gregory Ruzzin, Associate Professor of Film and TV Production
  • Carl Urbinati, Associate Professor of Biology