Theme 4 - Commitment to Local and Global Citizenship

To better prepare students to become engaged participants and leaders in their communities and the world, LMU will expand the boundaries of the classroom to include the wider community. The university will be more intentional and strategic in promoting community partnerships, public service experiences, career opportunities and academic programs that develop cultural, social, entrepreneurial and intellectual competencies.

Objective 1: Promote involvement in the local community through opportunities, experiences and partnerships that are mutually beneficial to both the local and LMU communities.

Rationale: LMU is located in Los Angeles, one of the most complex and diverse of the world’s great cities, and the gateway to Asia and the Americas. This unique situation presents myriad research, learning and professional opportunities for all members of the LMU community, while in turn offering to Los Angeles the benefits of LMU’s unique resources.


  1. Improve the effectiveness of units responsible for outreach to Los Angeles.
  2. Expand learning, research, service and career opportunities in the Los Angeles area by strengthening partnerships with business and creative communities.
  3. Serve as a resource to Los Angeles by enhancing distinctive academic areas of expertise that address pressing social issues of the region.
  4. Strengthen the LMU alumni network in Los Angeles and beyond in order to enhance the reputation of the university and expand career opportunities for LMU students and graduates.
  5. Strengthen programs that promote engagement with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
  6. Expand access to LMU’s educational opportunities by responding to the changing demographics of Los Angeles and the world.

Objective 2:
 Promote global citizenship by strengthening and creating educational programs and experiences that develop international perspectives and cultural competency.

Rationale: As a Jesuit and Marymount university located in a global city, LMU is uniquely positioned to infuse global perspectives and intercultural experiences into its intellectual environment, and to foster well-educated solidarity with the marginalized around the world.


  1. Evaluate existing international programs and activities for the purpose of creating clearer focus, greater coordination, and a comprehensive international program.
  2. Enhance programs, service experiences and career opportunities that engage the cultures and economies of Asia and the Americas.
  3. Increase international recruitment of students and scholars from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds; provide appropriate curricular and co-curricular support for these students.
  4. Expand, enhance and coordinate curricular and co-curricular programs that promote intercultural and international knowledge, competencies and experiences.

Collaborate more intentionally with the international network of universities and programs administered by our founding religious orders.

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