Appendix A: Examples of Relevant Metrics

This section lists examples of available metrics that might be used for assessing progress on Strategic Plan goals, objectives, and actions.  This list is a first step, and is intended to be a living document.  That is, it should be a starting point from which groups of administrators, faculty, and staff can develop and further refine the appropriate indicators of success.

As noted in Theme 6 of the Strategic Plan, the university has made a serious commitment to accountability and creating a culture of evidence-based decision making.  In the coming months, various groups will be charged with developing specific and concrete measures of success for each objective and action, as well as specifying what data will be collected and by whom.  In addition, when units submit their plans, they will include specific metrics for assessing achievement of their objectives that are aligned with university-level metrics.

In the spirit of transparency in which the Strategic Plan was developed, results of success measures will be made available to the university community.

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