Parents of Current Students

The college years represent a unique stage of parenting, one that offers new rewards as you see your student take the next steps in his or her life, as well as new challenges as you face questions and concerns you have never faced before. Even if you have older children in college, each son or daughter will experience college differently. At LMU we hope to provide you with a link to a community of parents providing support, ideas, and resources as families negotiate their 'revised' parenting role during the college experience.

As a current member of this community of parents we encourage you to get involved during your son or daughter's four years here, and beyond.

You can be an LMU advocate in many ways – by helping to recruit new students, attending LMU family events in your area, hosting an event, and volunteering at one of the several family events hosted on campus. You can also advocate for your student by financially supporting LMU through the Parents Fund.