Title IX Coordinator

Sara Trivedi
Sara N. Trivedi, Title IX Coordinator

Sara Trivedi, as the Title IX Coordinator, oversees Loyola Marymount University's efforts to prevent discrimination on the basis of sex, including oversight of the university's multi-tiered and cross-campus educational and response efforts related to sexual harassment, sexual or interpersonal misconduct.

The Title IX Coordinator works collaboratively with other campus departments and offices, including but not limited to Deputy Title IX Coordinators, University Leadership, Office of Student Conduct and Community Responsibility (OSCCR), the Department of Public Safety, the Dean of Students Office, Human Resources and the Executive Vice President and Provost's Office to oversee implementation of effective educational programs and training materials for faculty, staff, and students on Title IX and other related topics.

The Title IX Coordinator also oversees investigation and adjudication of reported Title IX violations, including monitoring outcomes, identifying and addressing patterns, and assessing effects on the campus climate.

Contact the Title IX Coordinator

Sara N. Trivedi
Title IX Coordinator, Loyola Marymount University
Phone: (310) 568-6105
Email: Sara.Trivedi@lmu.edu
Office: University Hall 1900

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

Francesca Piumetti
Student Affairs
Phone: (310) 338-1821
Email: FPiumetti@lmu.edu
Office: Malone 355

Ashley Armstrong
Phone: (310) 258-7246
Email: Ashley.Armstrong@lmu.edu
Office: Gersten Pavilion

Janet Lindsay
Human Resources
Phone: (310) 338-4345
Email: Janet.Lindsay@lmu.edu
Office: University Hall 1900

Matthew Riojas
Loyola Law School
Phone: (213) 736-8151
Email: Matthew.Riojas@lls.edu
Office: Founders Hall 107

Trained Professional Staff

Contact information for trained professional staff who investigate and adjudicate cases as well as those who implement corrective measures and accommodations involving sexual or interpersonal misconduct can be found here.