Terms & Definitions


A policy is a guiding principle used to set direction in an organization and influence behavior. At Loyola Marymount University, a university policy is defined as a formally approved statement or principle with broad application that; promotes operational efficiencies; enhances the university's mission; addresses issues of behavior and interaction; governs use of university resources; or helps ensure coordinated compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and reduces institutional risk. For the purposes of this website, university policy means policy for the Westchester campus. Policies are carried out through a set of processes and procedures.


A process is a series of high-level activities or tasks to obtain a desired outcome that conform to policy. A well-developed process assigns roles and responsibilities and specifies what needs to be done.


A procedure is a particular way of accomplishing a process. Procedures define the “how to” and are the step-by-step instructions for implementing the process. They are specific, factual and to the point.