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LGBT Student Services
     Black Queer Space

Recovery @ LMU
     Queer AF (Alcohol Free)

Student Psychological Services
     The Circle: LGBTQ Student Discussion Group
     OUTGrads: LGBTQ Graduate Student Discussion Group

Academic Affairs

Women's and Gender Studies Dept

LGBTQ+ Scholarship & Creative Works Archive
The Network has teamed up with LMU’s Digital Commons to create an online repository of scholarship and creative works focusing on LGBTQ+ topics. That includes books, book chapters, scholarly articles, and creative productions that intersect with LGBTQ+ issues or populations. Our goal is to help amplify the transformative works being done at LMU for sexual- and gender-diverse people. To submit your work to the archive, submit this form.

LGBTQ+ Courses - First Year Seminars: 
     Women and Minorities in Science – Department of Biology  
     Am I Who I Say I Am? – Department of Psychology 
     Art in the Age of AIDS – Department of Theater Arts and Dance 
Sex, Science, and Society – Department of Women’s and Gender Studies  
     Gender and Popular Culture – Department of Women’s and Gender Studies  

LGBTQ+ Courses - General:
     AFAM 3998 – Special Studies: Black Queer Theory 
     CMST 3332 – Sexualities and Organizational Communication  
     CMST 3460 – Gender, Sexuality, and the Media  
     CMST 3650 – Performance, Culture, and Sexualities
     EDSP 6396 - Human Sexuality     
     ENGL 4642 – Special Studies: James Baldwin
 HIST 2405 – Civil Rights Activism and Advocacy in 20th Century America 
     HIST 4998 – Gender and Sexuality in African History
     PHIL 3180 – Race, Sex, and Gender
     SOCL 3211 – Men and Masculinities  
     THEA 247 – Diversity in American Drama
     THEA 430 - Queer Theatre   
     THST 1501 – Queering Race, Religion, and Ethnicity 
     WGST 1000 – Introduction to Gender Studies  
     WGST 1100 – Gender, Race, and Sexuality in Contemporary Society  
     WGST 2200 – Women’s Bodies, Health, and Sexuality  
     WGST 3500 – Genders and Sexualities 
     WGST 3900 – Gender and Disability  
     WGST 4101 – Queer Migration and Diaspora 
     WGST 4001 – Queer Theory

LGBTQ+ Courses - Spring 2023

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Somewhere Under the Rainbow


Queer Film Club


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Report Discrimination & Bias Incidents 

Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT)

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Off-Campus Resources

Local Resources

Los Angeles LGBT Center

The Center of Long Beach

San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ Center

Asian Americans Advancing Justice


Black Lesbians United

Gender Justice Los Angeles

In the Meantime Men

Los Angeles Bi Task Force

Non-Binary Union Los Angeles (NBULA)

National/Online Resources

Bisexual Resource Center

Campus Pride

Dignity USA

Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network


Human Rights Campaign

Institute for Welcoming Resources

National Center for Lesbian Rights 

National Center for Transgender Equality


STEPS Scholarship Resource

The Trevor Project