The university owns a number of single family residence properties within close proximity to the Westchester campus. The homes require standard lease terms and are rented at slightly-below market rental rates. Rent is paid via payroll deduction only. In addition, a few of the university-owned homes are available for visiting faculty whereby individual rooms may be rented on a short term basis from one month up to one year.

Please review the FAQ below and the LMU-Owned Residential Properties Policy for more details.

LMU Residential Properties FAQ

  • See the policy for details on who is eligible to apply.

  • Beginning on June 1, 2019, eligible faculty members at the university may apply each spring (between February and March). New, incoming faculty members interested in LMU-owned housing should contact the Faculty Housing Office. Rental applications are due March 31 each year. Applicants are notified of their status on or around April 30 of each year. For a rental application, please contact the LMU Faculty Housing Office. Application is no guarantee of approval and demand often exceeds supply.

  • LMU homes are primarily considered short-term housing and are subject to a maximum rental period of three years. Please see the policy.

  • Subleasing is not allowed with the sole exception of sabbaticals, in which the tenant must notify the Faculty Housing Office.

  • The Faculty Housing Office strives to rent residential properties at a low market rate in order to provide affordable living near campus to qualified candidates.

  • No. Individual LMU Faculty Housing programs cannot be combined.