Officers & Senators

Objective: To promote the professional and personal development of staff members, serve in an advisory capacity to the University leadership in the development, review and dissemination of University policies, and to provide a forum for open communication and ongoing dialogue among the entire University community.

Executive Officers

Fred Puza, President

Academic Affairs

Nicole Murph, Vice President

Academic Affairs

Kris Okimoto, Treasurer 


Ashley Wilson, Secretary

Academic Affairs


Staff Senators:

Academic Affairs

Term Expires

Christina Andrick


Ed Blancarte 2020
William Brooks 2018
Katherine Brown 2019
Margaret Butterfield 2018
Michael Cersosimo 2020
Sharen Dukesherer 2018
Kyle Greenberg 2019
Melissa Iriarte 2020
Jessica Lyon 2019
Reggie Melonson 2019
Christine Parra 2019
Cindy Passanante 2018
Norma Romero 2019
Cynthia Ruiz 2020
Emily Schlam 2020
Administration Term Expires
Dima Avner 2020
Fabio Caceres  2019
Laura Jimenez  2019
Kevin Norwood   2020
Brittney Savala   2020
Frank Zaccaria  2019
Business & Finance Term Expires
Nadya Kerawala 2018
President's Office Term Expires
Christine Nangle-Koehl 2020
Student Affairs Term Expires
Anthony Garrison-Engbrecht 2020
Henry Ward 2019
University Relations Term Expires
Leticia Duenas 2019
Mason Stockstill 2018


Paul Augustine 2017
Rosie Branconier, Treasurer 2017
Marina Castaneda 2017
Auggie Gonzalez 2016
Megumi Horinouchi, Secretary 2016
Liz Luk 2016
Justin Melchor, Publicity Chair 2017
Earl Morgan, IT Chair 2017
Suzie Shatarevyan, Co-Chair 2017
Dawn Smith 2016
Corinne St. Claire, Co-Chair 2016