Career and Professional Committee
Kyle Greenberg, Academic Affairs and Diana Luna, Academic Affairs




  • Serve as the catalyst for professional development within the Staff Senate by sourcing and providing development opportunities.



Communications Committee

Co-Chairs: Ed Blancarte, Academic Affairs and Kevin Norwood, Administration


  • Responsible for developing effective means of communications between the Staff Senate and constituents.
  • Oversees all branding and marketing of Staff Senate.
  • Oversees any and all publications created and distributed by Staff Senate.

Fellowship Committee
Chelsea Brown, Student Affairs and Michael Cersosimo, Academic Affairs


  • This committee shall oversee all staff fellowship events planned by the Staff Senate, including Athletics Tailgate Events, Arts/Cultural Receptions, and Annual Cart Parade.

Elections & Representation Committee
 Reggie Melonson, Academic Affairs 


  • Responsible for conducting all Senate elections for membership, including Executive Board elections when necessary.
  • Shall continually review the elections process & representation distribution to ensure that the Senate is a representative body of all the University staff.
  • Responsible for creating and updating senator zones.


Social Justice Committee
Andrea Middleton, Academic Affairs and Lauren Moreno, Student Affairs




  • Responsible for researching, studying and providing appropriateresources, interventions and recommendations for specific social justice concerns.


Signature Events Committee

Co-Chairs: Christine Parra, Academic Affairs and Laura Jimenez, Administration


  • Responsible for planning and coordinating the Staff Holiday Party in December, the Staff Appreciation BBQ in the summer, and a Staff Service Project/Event.

Recognition & Opportunities Committee
Co-Chairs: Jessica Lyon, Academic Affairs and Athena Simpson, Academic Affairs


  • Manage annual Staff Computer Loan Lottery.
  • Organize nomination and selection process for Barbara Bonney Staff Member of the Year Award.
  • Will continually review and stay knowledgeable regarding benefits and opportunities offered by the university.
  • Will work to ensure that all staff are aware of potential benefits/opportunities and how to access them,
  • Will keep track of benefits at other similarly sized and situated schools to ensure that LMU remains competitive and fair regarding the benefits/opportunities offered.
  • Advocating for benefits changes/new benefits.
  • Organize Staff Senate presence at HR Benefits Fair.