Staff Senate 25th Anniv. Food Drive and Cart Parade

  1. Team Signup
    1. Staff may sign up to participate in groups of 2 or more.
      1. Teams may sign up by filling out this registration form.
        1. Teams must indicate which cart they wish to use at that time. Teams must secure approval of the responsible department head before signing up with their cart information.
      2. A limited number of carts are available to teams wishing to sign up but without access to carts. These will be assigned with preference given to teams signing up first.
    2. Each team must bring a minimum of 5 cans of food per team member to the event.
  2. Cart Decoration
    1. Decorations must not impair the vision of the driver
    2. The cart decoration portion of the event begins at 11am on alumni mall.
    3. No advanced decoration allowed.
    4. Carts will be checked for safety and rule abidance at 12:30, those carts failing will not be allowed to process or be eligible to win.
    5. List provided items to decorate
      1. Cardboard
      2. Blue Painter’s Tape
      3. Streamers
    6. Other items are permitted so long as they are attached with blue painters tape and do not damage carts or create a safety hazard. The following items are prohibited absolutely:
      1. Glitter
  3. Parade
    1. The parade will begin at 1 p.m.
    2. Drivers must be cart certified
    3. Carts must drive safely and slowly during the parade
    4. The parade will be led by a lead cart which all others must follow
    5. At the conclusion of the parade, carts will park in designated spaces with a bin in front which will contain all food donated by that team
      1. Spectators can “vote” by placing food they are going to donate in these bins
  4. Additional Participation
    1. Those not wishing to decorate a cart are encouraged to bring canned items which they will vote on the winning cart at Lawton Plaza.