Did You Know? A Guide to Staff Resources and Benefits


  • You can purchase hundreds of dollars of software for less than $10 through ITS?
  • You can access free or discounted health and personal services, like financial and legal planning,  through LMU's Health and Wellness offerings?
  • You might be able to donate vacation time to a co-worker out on a medical leave, so they don't run out as quickly?

LMU offers a wide variety of resources and benefits to staff members. Staff Senate has compiled this list to spread the word about lesser-known opportunities you might want to utilize. If you know of something that should be included, email us: staffsenate@lmu.edu.



You can buy software for your own personal use through ITS at significant discounts. This includes Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and other specialized programs. More information here.

Free movie streaming: Kanopy is a service offered through the William H. Hannon Library, which includes numerous documentary, foreign, and art films, as well as silent classics. Many of these selections are from the Criterion Collection and are not available on Apple Movies, Amazon, or Netflix streaming. Access Kanopy here.

Tuition Remission: Receiving tuition remission benefits may have associated costs. If you or a family member attends LMU and receives tuition remission, in many cases this is considered taxable income, and you may have to pay income tax on the amount of the benefit received. This statement should not be construed as tax advice; contact an income tax professional to determine your situation. Tuition remission policy available here (myLMU login required).

LMU has an ombudsperson, who acts as an independent, impartial, neutral, confidential and informal resource for faculty, staff and administrators seeking to address, on an informal basis, University-related problems, disputes and complaints. Interim Special Assistant to the President for Intercultural Affairs, Dr. Jennifer Abe, (JSAbe@lmu.edu or 310.338.4586) currently serves as the university Ombudsperson. Click here learn more about Ombuds services for employees.



Payroll Calendar

Holiday Calendar through 2021


CHILD CARE RESOURCES (Some links may require myLMU login)

LMU Children’s Center

LMU Babysitters (Facebook group connecting parents and sitters in LMU-surrounding neighborhoods)

Child Care Services & Resources

Lactation Room Reservations



Increased compensation for temporarily taking on additional duties (e.g., in the absence or departure of a colleague): Speak to your supervisor.

LEAVES OF ABSENCE (Requires myLMU login):

Donating paid time off to colleagues with catastrophic injury or illness: Contact Tracie Montgomery at TMontgom@lmu.edu or x82723.

Workers' Compensation Leave

School and Child Care Related Absences

Family and Medical Leave

Military Family Leave (FMLA)

Pregnancy Related Disability Leave/Transfer

Military/California Military Spousal Leave

Voting Leave

Personal Leave


GROUP BENEFITS (Requires myLMU login):

Part-Time Staff Benefits Guide

Full-Time Staff Benefits Guide



DISCOUNTS AND FREEBIES (Some links may require myLMU login)

Amusement Parks Discounted Tickets

Discounted LMU-Area Hotels

Discounted Zipcar Membership



Low-Cost Gym Membership at Burns Rec. Center

Rideshare and Alternative Commuting Arrangements



Annual Interest-Free Computer Loan Lottery

Membership eligibility at The Loft at LMU


Have more to add to this resource list? Did we miss something, or is a link out of date? Contact us at staffsenate@lmu.edu.