Barbara Bonney Award

The Barbara Bonney Staff Member of the Year Award is presented annually to the staff member of the Westchester Campus who has shown continued excellence in one's professional area, commitment to the ideals of higher education, leadership and initiative within one's area or the University as a whole, unique contribution to improving the quality of life at LMU, and public service to the LMU community.

Previous Awardees:

2019        Pamela Rector
2018        Faith Sovilla
2017        Briana Maturi
2016        Janet Lee
2015        Henry Ward
2014        Dale Marini
2013        Raymundo Andrade
2012        Kathleen Nelson
2011        Francesca Piumetti
2010        Fabio Caceres
2009        Sr. Joanne Connolly, S.S.L.
2008        Alice Johnson
2007        Tim O'Neill
2006        Dionne Simmons
2005        Jaime Sanchez
2004        Debbie Wilson
2003        Louisa Vakili
2002        Dave Trump
2001        Jayne Mas
2000        Dorothy Love
1999        Bernadette Bernard
1998        Rebecca Garcia Prieto
1997        Sr. Peg Dolan, RSHM
1996        Barbara Bonney