October 2015 Edition

A Letter from the Staff Senate President
Oct. 15, 2015

Greetings Colleagues,

I, like many of you, am reveling in the experience that was a tremendous inauguration of our new president, Timothy Law Snyder. Every aspect of the event, from the highly entertaining, technically savvy video montages, to the heartfelt and impassioned words offered by those invited to speak, to the forward-thinking and dynamic address by President Snyder, came together to showcase an LMU on the verge of breaking free of the shackles of the misnomer (as President Snyder eloquently pointed out) of being the “best kept secret on the hill.” The inauguration portrayed an LMU poised to do amazing things, not decades in the future, but right now. You, the staff, share in that promise, and you should recognize your place in it.

I appreciate President Snyder taking the time to thank Kristi Wade, executive director of University Relations Services, for the marvelous job she and her team did in producing the event. I do believe, in my opportunities to speak with President Snyder, that he is someone who understands the passion and the devotion that exists among the staff for LMU. Being a member of the presidential search committee last year was a great honor for me, and I did my best to represent all staff in ensuring that our new President would be someone who could appreciate that the mission of LMU extends far beyond the classroom. I wanted to make sure that our new President was someone who recognized that educating the whole person requires exceptional staff members like Barbara Bonneys and Henry Wards, as much as it does having vigorous academic rigor. I believe we have such a leader in President Snyder. If you have not had the pleasure of speaking with President Snyder, I hope you get the chance to do so in the near future (although I understand he’s quite booked these days).

President Snyder has promised to honor President Burcham’s agreement to meet with the executive board of the Staff Senate with the Provost twice a semester. We hope to use that opportunity effectively, but that depends on you the staff giving your concerns and feedback to your senators. Only then can we fill the agenda with the issues that matter most to you. That is one step in how we can best achieve shared governance.

Let us know how we can be of service to you by emailing staffsenate@lmu.edu.


John Orozco
Staff Senate President