March 2015 Edition

A Letter from the Staff Senate President
March 26, 2015

Greetings Colleagues,

It is incredible to believe that we are on the back half of the spring semester. It has been a challenging year in many ways, but it also has been very productive and rewarding. The Staff Senate has overhauled our committee structure, negotiated regular meetings each semester with the president and the provost, and increased our programming and visibility. We have made strides toward accomplishing some of the goals we set at the beginning of the academic year, such as revamping our communication structure and producing more events on campus. However, we have not progressed as far as we had wished on other goals, including recreating our brand and releasing a benefits document. These are goals that we will carry into 2015-16 with enthusiasm, if not within the next two months remaining in the semester. We set lofty aspirations this year, knowing that achieving excellence requires raising expectations. 

There is much left for us to accomplish, which leads me to the next major event on our calendar, Staff Senate elections. Soon, you will receive a nomination form. If the goals of the Staff Senate are goals that you either support, or greatly disagree with, then we want you on the senate. If you believe in the ideals of shared governance, then this is your opportunity to truly participate in the discussion. In order for staff to have an active voice on this campus, we need strong individuals, such as you, willing to represent their areas and the staff at-large. The longer your tenure with the university, the more beneficial your institutional knowledge and expertise can be to our organization. If you never considered us before, we think you should take a fresh look. If you don’t know enough about the senate, please reach out to me at

Whether or not you plan to nominate yourself or a coworker, we do request that you vote. Participation is the key to electing a senate that everyone can be proud of.


John Orozco
Staff Senate President