Staff Senate 35th Anniversary

Correction: We’re Older Than We Thought

Those of you paying close attention to Staff Senate events over the past few months may have noticed a subtle logo change in our communication emails. This wasn’t a mistake. In fact, it was a very important discovery the senate uncovered regarding the history of staff representation at LMU.


This past fall the senate embarked on its 25th year at LMU – perhaps you saw the splashy anniversary logos popping up everywhere from our fall newsletter to the pre-game tailgates? Intended to celebrate the achievements of the senate and honor contributions of the many staff members who have served the university through the years, the yearlong anniversary was to culminate in a full exhibit at the William H. Hannon Library.


‌Thus, a committee of staff senators was charged with diving into the University archives last November in order to dig up supporting documents for the display. What they uncovered was something no one could have predicted. University archives confirmed that the Staff Senate, originally called the Staff Advisory Committee, is not celebrating a 25th anniversary this year but actually a 35th anniversary!

Interested in learning more on the history of Staff Senate? You can see the full 35th Anniversary exhibit, on display now through March 30th, on the 3rd floor of the William H. Hannon Library.