March 2016 Edition

Message from Staff Senate President John Orozco
March 09, 2016

Greetings Colleagues,

It’s election season, and I’m not referring to the Republican and Democratic primaries. It’s Staff Senate election season. And we need good people. I say “we” for the last time, as I am at the end of my second term as Staff Senator. Over 6 years as a Senator, the last two as President, I’ve experienced quite a bit. I’ve been dunked in the dunk tank during our annual Staff Appreciation BBQ. I sat on the search committee for our 16th President (and I still tell him he was my hire). I had the opportunity to introduce the Provost at his Convocation, and presented the Barbara Bonney Award to two exceptionally worthy recipients. I worked with an incredibly talented and devoted Executive Board the past two years, who have diligently put up with my wild tangents and strange crusades. I’ve gotten to know many people I probably would never have had a reason to come across, quite a few of which I now refer to as friends.

I’ve witnessed my fair share of change. However when I review some of the old documents, like we did in preparing for our Staff Senate 35th Anniversary Library Exhibit (check it out through March), I can’t help but notice that many of the issues we discuss in our meetings today are the same issues on the agendas and in the minutes of Staff Senate meetings 10, 15, 20+ years ago. In order to break that cycle, we need staff willing to want to participate in a true system of shared governance. I encourage you to nominate yourself or a colleague, and get your voices heard. There is much that Staff Senate can accomplish if we have talented, dedicated people working toward a common purpose. Regardless of title, rank or tenure, we all have a stake in LMU and its success. If you’re considering Staff Senate, but you’re not sure and you want more information, reach out to me ( and let’s chat.

Whether or not you chose to run, I encourage all of you to vote. If our national primaries teach us anything, it should be the power that voters can have. It has been a pleasure serving you. Hope to see you around campus.

John Orozco
Staff Senate President