Orientation Presentations

Mother, father and son wearing a light green shirt sitting together talking

Parent Pride invites you to view a series of presentations from key offices and departments at Loyola Marymount University. Each presentation will provide you with critical resources, information and deadlines throughout the summer and academic year. Please read the description of each presentation below and view each presentation at your leisure.

Laying the Foundations: Parent and Family Programs

Learn about the office dedicated to you: the parents and families of LMU! This presentation includes helpful tips about your student's transition to LMU, some dos and don't, and contact information that will be useful during your student's tenure at LMU.

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Academic Big Picture

This is your introduction to the LMU academic experience and an overview of our curriculum so that you are more informed and can be a good support to your student.

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Financial Aid

This presentation is an opportunity to learn more about financial aid awards, the different types of aid awards provided, how to credit awards to your student's account, and eligibility requirements for aid.

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Student Financial Services

Learn about the department responsible for student accounts management and how to make payments for tuition, fees, and billing.

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Student Housing

If your student is living on campus, please watch this informative presentation about the benefits of living in a residence hall, the amenities provided and the deadline to apply.

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Campus Business Services

This presentation covers how your student will take care of business outside of the classroom. Some of those items include an explanation of our LMU OneCard, meal plans, and mail distribution.

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Student Health Services

Learn all about our full service medical office on campus, how your student can manage their health while at LMU, and important medical information and entrance requirements that need to be submitted before your student begins classes in August.

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Disability Support Services

DSS works to provide accommodations for students who experience a limitation in a major life activity, and provides specialized assistance and resources to enable students with disabilities to achieve equal access in all aspects of university life.

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Student Psychological Services

This presentation covers LMU's Student Psychological Services office and services. These services are available to all enrolled undergraduate and graduate students at no charge.

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Information Technology Services

This presentation covers how your student will navigate using a computer and technology at Loyola Marymount University. Some of those items include an explanation of our MyLMU/Tools, getting help and more!

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Student Employment Services

Student Employment Services introduces the important of connecting early for jobs and internships on campus. Learn more about the types of work awards offered at LMU, and the ins and outs of how to apply.

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Career and Professional Development

This presentation series focuses on employment and outcomes, on and off The Bluff. Work experience is important for student development and gaining the skills necessary to be successful.

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LMU Dining

Food is life. Learn about LMU's Dining Services and how your student can have all of his or her needs met right here.

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