Terry Bartels
"As a parent of two teenagers I value the faith-based communities that we choose to live amongst. It is through the strength of our communities that we as individuals and as families have an opportunity to grow. I find great personal fulfillment in giving back so we can further enhance the lives and opportunities of others. I look forward to supporting LMU as they educate the next generation academically, socially, and spiritually."
-Terry Bartels, Danville, CA
Stephanie Christie, Norwalk, CT
"From our family's first visit, we have felt connected to the University because it shares our goals of an education of the whole person in a culture that is challenging, diverse, rich in opportunities and supportive. As members of the Parent Council we can help support those efforts, and also havethe opportunity to participate in the college experience with our daughter. We also enjoy the chance to learn about campus news and events, and resources available to students and families."
-Stephanie Christie, Norwalk, CT
Linda and Bob Baxley, Los Altos, CA
"LMU has been a great fit for our daughter. She absolutely loves her teachers, her courses, and the people she has met. Her professors have been welcoming and have gone out of their way to make sure she is doing well both academically and emotionally during her first year at LMU. Joining the Parent Council is our small way of giving back to an institution and the people that will have/is having such a huge influence on our daughter and our family."
-Linda Baxley, Los Altos, CA
Group photo of the Mitchell family
Jeanné Mitchell, Pacific Palisades, CA
"The Parent Council gives us, as a family, the opportunity to participate in our Son's education in a meaningful way."
Julie Vanderwey
Julie Vanderwey, Phoenix, AZ
"We're honored to be part of the Parent Council. With so much family history at LMU, it just made sense to be involved."
Robbie Casarez, Emerald Hills, CA
"I decided to get involved as a way to get to know LMU and what it has to offer. I get asked a lot, why Veronica chose LMU and I want to be educated about that answer. And, I love that she is at a Jesuit/Catholic school."
-Robbie Casarez, Emerald Hills, CA
Kevin and Maureen Kosewic, San Francisco, CA
"Being part of the Parent Council allows us to have our 'own' LMU experience while our kids pursue their educations. We love the friendly environment & Jesuit spirit at LMU."
-Kevin Kosewic, San Francisco, CA