Family Week Service Opportunities

This year, the Center for Service and Action has partnered with Westside Pacific Villages to offer students and families an opportunity to give back to our local community. This years' service is focused on our senior citizens of the Los Angeles area. Now more than ever, our seniors have found themselves in need of additional support. Check out the opportunities below and see how your family can be for and with others throughout your Family Week experience and beyond!

Send a Card

Write to one of our local senior members. Every week, Westside Pacific Villages deliver senior members their groceries and love to include a thoughtful card in their delivery. Write them a poem, a prayer, or a simple "I am thinking of you" letter.

Please send letters to the following address:

Westside Pacific Villages
8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite #326
Los Angeles, CA 90045.

Social Support Calls

Have you been looking for a long-term service opportunity? Sign yourself and your family up to do social support calls for LA local senior citizens. A great opportunity to check-in with someone, hear their stories, share yours, and make a new friend. Visit the Westside Pacific Villages website to learn more!

Grocery Delivery and Essential Errands

Are you and your family local to the Los Angeles area? If so, consider signing up to deliver groceries to senior citizens. The pandemic is just one of many issues senior members face. Delivering groceries and running essential errands would offer a huge support – and keep our senior members healthy and safe! Visit the Westside Pacific Villages website to learn more!