Community Discussions on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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The swirling questions and continuing uncertainty around the impact of COVID-19 at LMU are exacerbated when thinking about how this pandemic has laid bare many of our longstanding systemic inequities in society.  Despite our location on the bluff, LMU is not immune from the consequences of these longstanding issues.  Nor do we wish to be separated from our moral, spiritual, and ethical obligation to consider what these systemic inequities mean for how we choose to live out our university mission.   That is, our commitment to the encouragement of learning, education of the whole person, and the service of faith and the promotion of justice, demand that we grapple with issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the particularity of each moment in time.  In this specific moment of our history in Los Angeles.


As a community, we need to think together.  Discern together. And act in solidarity together.  We know the relationship between contemplation and action has deep roots in the Jesuit tradition.  And now, this pandemic has placed the world on “pause,” (and on notice) for all of us to reflect on our work as a university amidst the reality of a “new normal.”  

As we reflect on our conversations with the community this year (campus climate focus groups, D & I Quick Tips, our monthly column in LMU This Week), we also consider where to take it from here. The Office of Intercultural Affairs welcomes your contributions to this work of our community in this unprecedented moment.  A time of suffering, indeed.  But also, a time to reexamine our society and our institutions, to reconnect to our university mission, and to renew our commitment to new possibilities for inclusion, equity, and justice. 

What are you thinking?  Let us know.  Join us in this conversation.

Complete the form below to contribute your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for our continued work together. What are the conversations that will continue to uplift our university in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusions? Are there resources that you have found that will be useful to students, faculty, staff, or administration?



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