Lion Connection

LMU mascot Iggy the Lion with outstretched arms

One of the strongest aspects about our campus is our caring community.

Those who work and learn at LMU can attest to the value of how we build relationships across divisions. To alleviate some of the social distancing the current situation has created, the Office of Intercultural Affairs introduces Lion Connection, a fun and casual way to connect our community together!  Through Lion Connection, LMU staff, faculty, and students will engage in a 30-minute virtual “coffee” with another community member, then later connect with other pairs for a fun and friendly meet-up.

Here’s how it works:  We will pair you up with LMU another community member whom [ideally] you do not know.  Then, you can schedule a time that works for the both of you. We will give a few prompting questions to guide your discussion and then you can chat away. After your meeting, you can join other pairs in a final meet-up and win prizes! 

Take this time to learn more about each other, share innovative ideas, and develop a connection in a fun way that can continue on after we have returned to campus.

Please contact with any questions or sign up below.

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