Where are you in the process? 

Just starting out?

Register for a systemic analysis workshop in order to enroll in OIA's Brightspace course, where you will receive:

  • A guidebook to the systemic analysis process with resources, quick tips on getting started, sample data, and an Equity Decision Checklist
  • Equity Scorecard Data
  • Community of support from all who are in the process

What is Systemic Analysis? - Overview from CREA

Looking to brainstorm, troubleshoot, and learn from others?

Attend a bi-weekly Systemic Analysis Report Out session, where units who are in-progress can share their work and receive feedback from the community. These sessions will allow community members to respond, discuss larger themes and takeaways, and provide feedback. Those in attendance will benefit from reports for examples and methodology that will guide their own processes.

Mark 'Yes' on the registration form if your unit is interested in reporting out to receive feedback. 

Systemic Analysis Report Out Schedule, Fall 2020 (continously updated):

Reporting sessions will occur every other Tuesday from 4:00-5:00pm, beginning September 15

  • September 15: Career & Professional Development, Computer Science Department
  • September 29: William H. Hannon Library, Loyola Law School
  • October 13: Information Technology Services, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
  • October 27: Public Safety, College of Business Administration
  • November 10: Athletics, LMU Honors
  • December 1: Theatre Arts, Student Affairs

Ready to submit your report?

Submit a Qualtrics survey on your Systemic Analysis process.

As units move through the eight-step systemic analysis process, all are asked to submit to the Office of Intercultural Affairs (OIA) the following through a Qualtrics Report Form:

  1. Process - Describe your systemic analysis process (e.g. held listening sessions, conducted an audit of policies, reviewed data, etc.) and preliminary findings.
  2. Issues Identified - Describe challenges/problems/issues that you have identified as a topic of concern in your unit.
  3. Action Steps - Describe the action steps that will be taken to address these issues identified through the systemic analysis.
  4. Outcomes - Describe outcomes and how they will be assessed.

NOTE: Units are not expected to have a full systemic analysis complete upon submission to Qualtrics.  Units may simply report on any efforts taken so far, and continue to submit their progress to Qualtrics as new updates are available. The first submission deadline is November 1.

OIA will publish regular updates (based on Qualtrics submissions) in LMU This Week. Additionally, an ongoing documentation of progress and reports will be available on the OIA website.

These reporting measures are in place to ensure maximum transparency and accountability towards a more equitable university.