In Six Words

In support of LMU’s Anti-Racism Project, “In Six Words” will get to the heart of our community’s struggles and fight against the unjust and unequal experiences that plague our society, in hopes of sparking conversation, understanding, and empathy, as well as further igniting our desire to become better angels.

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Inspired by Six-Word Memoirs.

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Stories from our Community

Stefan Bradley

I believe that we will win.

Stefan Bradley AFAM professor, BCLA coordinator, and PBLAC chair, on fighting racism.

faces of 4 women of color

Sojourner. Harriett. Rosa. Audre. Alicia. Me?

Lisa Jackson, (she, her, hers), director of special events, University Advancement, on hope.

Alicia Sissac

First black woman, overlooked or appreciated?

Alicia Sissac, lead investigator, on fighting racism.

Phyllis McGuire

God made all - I love all.

Phyllis McGuire '80, electrical engineering alum and retired software engineer, on allyship.

Listening deeply and amplifying marginalized voices.

Ariane White, supervisor/coordinator of clinical fieldwork, Department of Teaching and Learning, on solidarity & being an accomplice in ending racism.



We don't need heroes. Only us.

Joe Bernardo, Intercultural Affairs associate, on unity.


No reflection is privilege of power.

Jordan Lounsbury, assistant director of residence services, on allyship.

christina eubanks-turner

Searching to find more hidden figures.

Christina Eubanks-Turner, M.A. in Teaching (MAT) graduate director and associate professor of mathematics, on hope.

Lauren Camarata

I fight because I was bullied.

Lauren Camarata '85 CFA alum and business owner, on fighting racism.


an old photo of an african american family

The place we still call home.

Darin Earley, director of LMU Family of Schools, on fighting racism.


magaela bethune

My Blackness... womanhood... breath... is Resistance.

Magaela Bethune, assistant professor of African American Studies, on intersectionality.


Brad Stone

There's nothing wrong with Black people.

Brad Elliott Stone, professor, graduate program director of philosophy, on fighting racism, on FEBRUARY: The Black Experience.

Content of character is my guide.

Frank Repetti '89, urban studies alum and dad, on fighting racism.

a black and white photo of a burning building

"Too soon"…"too late"… Right now!

Eric J. Miller, professor and Leo J. O'Brien fellow, on fighting racism.

an image of a cookie in front of a white background. it is broken in half and spreading crumbs across the photo

We are done settling for crumbs.

Alyssa Perez '15, alum and assistant director of Alternative Breaks, on fighting racism.

I am not just one thing.

Sara Trivedi '88 LLS, Title IX coordinator and EEO specialist, on being multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious.


school photo of a young girl

Nice Jewish Girl Encouraging Universal Acceptance

Marcy Newman, director of Campus Partnerships, on anti-semitism and tolerance.


image of a young child holding a sign that says

Teach your children what oppression is.

Hillary Henderson '19, SOE alum and administrative specialist for Intercultural Affairs, on intersectionality.


a cartoon of a woman holding a large ball on her back as she climbs a staircase

Finding Strength Mid-Life: Voicing Re-Imagined Narratives

Sheri Castro-Atwater, professor of counseling and school psychology, on power.


young girl in a red robe holding a sword

One Sword, Only Daughter, First-Born Son

Angelina Lee, director of Employer Engagement, on the immigrant experience.


How much longer will we wait?

Erica J. Privott '20, SOE alum and assistant director of Engineering, Science & Tech Professions, on fighting racism.


Paving new paths; overcoming imposter syndrome.

Gabriela Arana '18, SOE alum, on career and the immigrant experience. 

Solidarity means becoming a co-conspirator.

Aris Mosier, director, Asian Pacific Student Services, on fighting racism.

Say English is your first language.

Jacqueline Leung '14, SOE alum and university advisor for the Academic Resource Center, on the immigrant experience.