Grants and Awards

LMU's University Intercultural Council (UIC) aims to identify and fund higher education research and inclusive excellence projects that help LMU achieve its mission by way of infusing diversity and interculturalism throughout the campus community. 

UIC Membership includes staff and faculty who represent various departments and units across campus.

The Office of the Vice President for Intercultural Affairs and LMU's UIC invites campus constituencies to submit proposals for Inclusive Excellence Grants and nominations for Inclusive Excellence Awards. Inclusive excellence re-envisions both quality and diversity. It reflects a striving for excellence in higher education that has been made more inclusive by decades of campus and national work to infuse diversity into recruiting, admissions, and hiring; into the curriculum and co-curriculum; and into administrative structures and practices. It also embraces newer forms of excellence, and expanded ways to measure excellence, that take into account research on learning and brain functioning, the assessment movement, and more nuanced accountability structures. In the same way, diversity efforts move beyond numbers of students or programs as end goals.  Instead, diversity and inclusion together, become a multilayered process through which we achieve excellence in learning, research and teaching; student development; institutional functioning; local and global community engagement; workforce development, and more (Clayton-Pederson, O’Neill & Musil, 2009). 

The call for the 2019 Inclusive Excellence Grant Proposals and Award Nominations is now open. Proposals and nominations are due on March 27, 2019. For calls, contact Kim Misa, Research Associate, Ofice of Intercultural Affairs, via email (

The Inclusive Excellence Awards recognize faculty, staff, administrators,  and student organizations that have enhanced inclusive excellence and contributed to a more equitable and inclusive campus environment.