Past Recipients

Inclusive Excellence Grant Recipients

Inclusive Excellence Grants aims to identify and fund higher education research and inclusive excellence projects that help LMU achieve its mission by way of infusing diversity and interculturalism throughout the campus community. 

  • Committee on the Status of Women (CSW)

    Conducted a needs assessment for a Women’s and Gender Equity Resource Center at LMU. (2012-2013 Cycle)

    Leslie Ponciano, Assistant Professor, School of Education

    Conducted a needs assessment of foster youth-specific services that are available at LMU.  (2013-2014 Cycle)

    Fernando Estrada, Assistant Professor, School of Education

    Studied the role of the teaching alliance in multicultural education at LMU.  (2014-2015 Cycle)

    Sandra Luca, Director, Student Engagement, Center for Student Success in Seaver College of Science and Engineering

    Researched the academic experiences and sense of belonging of STEM students in A Community Committed to Excellence in Scientific Scholarship (ACCESS) Program. (2015-2016 Cycle)

    Susan Burkhauser, Associate Director, Institutional Research

    Studied the impact of faculty of color on the retention of students of color. (2017-2018 Cycle)

    Natalie Schaal, Assistant Professor, Seaver College of Science and Engineering

    Conducted a study on the effectiveness of a new peer-mentoring program which aims to strengthen Mechanical Engineering students' self-efficacy, sense of belonging and motivation to persist at LMU. (2019-2020 cycle)

  • Brandon Tanori, a graduate student in the School of Film and Television

    Broadened the School of Film and Television’s graduate school recruitment efforts by reaching out to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). (2012-2013 Cycle)

    Jamie Hazlitt, Outreach Librarian; and Raymundo Andrade, Library Cataloging Assistant

    Provided technology and library skill development workshops to LMU’s service staff.  (2013-2014 Cycle)

    La’Tonya Rease Miles, Director, Academic Resource Center

    Expanded and enhanced the Writing Community Workshop series for first-generation college students.  (2013-2014 Cycle)

    Melvin Robert, Director, Office of Black Student Services

    Provided monthly workshops wherein students will gain historical context in addition to practical knowledge.  (2013-2014 Cycle)

    Maruth Figueroa, Director, Chicano Latino Student Services

    Developed a yearlong program for 12-15 sophomores that demonstrate involvement and promising leadership qualities. (2014-2015 Cycle)

    Maruth Figueroa, Aris Mosier, and Nathan Sessoms, Directors, Ethnic and Intercultural Services

    Provided a program targeted at academically talented sophomores to assist them in exploring their identities while learning about the social and economic contexts of Los Angeles. (2015-2016 Cycle)

    Maggie Bove-LaMonica, Assistant Director, LMU Family of Schools

    Provided support to Leadership Education Advocacy Fellowship (LEAF) Initiative Fellows. (2016-2017 Cycle)

    Aisha Conner-Gaten, Javier Garibay, Jamie Hazlitt, Marie Kennedy, Marisa Ramirez, Hannon Library

    Conducted an assessment of Hannon library's electronic collection through a diversity lens. (2017-2018 cycle)

    Karie Huchting, School of Education, and Brad Stone, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts

    Enhanced the retention of African American doctoral students by supporting them to attend the Black Doctoral Network Conference. (2017-2018 cycle)

    Rebeca Acevedo, Stefan Bradley, Douglas Christie, Jonathan Rothchild, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts

    Developed a BCLA Strategic Plan For Diversity and Inclusion. (2018-2019 cycle)

    Csilla Samay, Office of International Students and Scholars, and Dorothea Herreiner, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts

    Developed specific resources for faculty to support their teaching of international students and organized outreach to and communication with faculty. (2018-2019 cycle)

    Joel Gutierrez/Zach Zysman, Ethnic and Intercultural Services

    Expanded the Classroom LA program, a multi-office program that provides students, faculty, staff the opportunity to engage in rich cultural heritage of the various neighborhoods in Los Angeles. (2019-2020 cycle)

    Lalo Moreno, Ethnic and Intercultural Services

    Developed a program series that explores the use of digital media as a tool for storytelling and representation. (2019-2020 cycle)