About the Office of Intercultural Affairs

The Office of Intercultural Affairs (OIA) is committed to a vision of inclusive excellence in which values of equity and equity-mindedness, diversity, and inclusion are woven into the very fabric of our institution, including our mission and identity. Arturo Sosa, S.J., superior general of the Jesuits, exhorts us to carry out our work as universities “with depth, openness to the world and an orientation towards social justice and reconciliation between people and creation, always in dialogue with other believers and non-believers, by accepting with joy the richness of cultural diversity.”[i]  

At LMU, diversity defines who we are, who gets included in our university community, and indeed reflects the richness of diverse communities around us, regionally, as well as internationally. Inclusion insists that all members of the LMU community are welcome and feel welcomed, have a voice and are able to fully participate in the co-creation of this vision of our world. And equity means that we are committed to building an institution that is ethically and spiritually awake, one that remembers history in its practices, and understands its moral obligation to respond to the realities of societal injustice and their impacts on underrepresented groups in our midst.   

As a unit integrated across LMU, the OIA uses theory-driven, evidence-based practices to put these values into action. We design, implement, and evaluate programs and initiatives that promote inclusive excellence throughout the entire campus community, for faculty, staff, and students. We do so through (a) supporting efforts to recruit, enroll, hire, and retain a diverse campus community; (b) providing leadership development and collaborative capacity building programs to cultivate an inclusive institutional climate; and (c) creating an infrastructure that facilitates communication and campus-wide partnerships to transform our institution.

In response to President Snyder’s challenge, this is how we take part in creating the world we want to live in. Please read our 2019 Letter to the LMU Community.





[i] Arturo Sosa, S.J., in an address at the Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, Lima, Peru (2017).