Latino Staff Association

The Latino Staff Association is aligned with Loyola Marymount University's mission. We are committed to:

  • Fostering a community where diversity can thrive, be empowered, and celebrated
  • Enhancing professional opportunities, increasing awareness, and active participation
  • Providing a supportive network and resource for Chicano / Latino employees
  • Goals

    • Maintain a communication network for Chicano/Latino employees
    • Promote a respectful and united community and help empower members at all levels
    • Provide access to programs which enhance personal development, skill enhancement, job information, mentoring, and job opportunities
    • Promote supportive systems and programs that enhance educational and professional opportunities
    • Act as an educational resource on unique Chicano/Latino issues relating to campus policies, employment, and academic concerns
    • Organize and publicize a minimum of two annual events

    Key Statements

    • Create A Supportive Chicano/Latino Community
    • Provide Professional Networking Opportunities
    • Connect With the Larger LMU Community
    • Multicultural Collaborations
    • Be A Resource
    • Be Engaging
    • Host Events and Programs; Fundraising
    • Mentorship, Ethnic Role Models
    • Celebration Of Cultures
    • Build A Presence At LMU and the Surrounding Community

    Core Values

    • Diversity; Heritage, Language, Culture
    • Education
    • Mind-Body-Spirit
    • Multi-Culturalism; Cross-Culturalism
    • Participation; Presence
    • Respect
    • Social Justice
    • United Community; Family
  • If you would like more information, please contact Ray Andrade at or at 310.258.4648, or email us at