Pedagogy Workshops

The Pedagogy Workshops promote the success of faculty in their second year of teaching at LMU. Participants attend a dinner and a series of four pedagogy workshops on Creating the Inclusive Classroom. These workshops are offered as a continuation of New Faculty Orientation to provide an opportunity for tenure-track faculty in their second year to reflect on their initial teaching experiences with other new faculty. Additionally, workshop participants are provided the opportunity to share their classroom successes, discuss the challenges they face, and receive support and practical suggestions from other faculty participants. Participants consider what it means to contribute to LMU’s commitment to academic excellence, the service of faith and promotion of justice, and the education of the whole person for LMU’s diverse student population. During these workshops, participants provide one another with new insights into teaching and into the learning styles and academic needs of students, as well as new teaching strategies to consider, strategies that may enhance students' motivation and learning. As professors add new strategies to their current teaching repertoire, it becomes increasingly likely that students can learn in ways best suited to them as they learn new ways to learn. Finally, these workshops encourage strong collegial ties beyond each participant’s department and across schools and colleges.