Message from the President

Dear LMU Community:

Inclusive excellence and interculturalism are fundamental to our Loyola Marymount University mission to provide holistic educational experiences that prepare our students to be women and men for and with others. We strive to create and sustain a campus community that supports the professional development of our faculty, staff, and administrators. Inclusive excellence incorporates diversity and equity-mindedness. Interculturalism focuses on sharing and learning across cultures with the aim of promoting mutual understanding, harmony, justice, and accelerated creativity. Inclusive intercultural educational communities can transform the individual and the institution as a metaphor and mechanism for the progress of society, setting the stage for a symphony of diversity—one whose outcomes eclipse what component parts might do on their own.  Such symphonies are crucial to our success and the success of the world we live in.

Vigorous and thoughtful participation in inclusive intercultural communities encourages us to accept and respect the normality of diversity in all areas of life. Through meaningful interaction with individuals who are different from ourselves, we develop cognitive characteristics and attitudes that are vital for thriving in our global society. Communication and cooperation, open-mindedness and flexibility, creative and critical thinking, conflict management and initiative are our touchstones throughout this journey. 

At LMU, we are committed to our core values of diversity and inclusivity. Diversity is the font of human creativity. But harvesting success through diversity takes work. Indeed, anything that is worthwhile requires effort. This website provides the definition, vision, and goals to guide us as we work, study, and learn together in our diverse campus community. Whatever our personal identities, our care for one another must always prevail as we proceed on our path to becoming the definitive center for global imagination and its impacts.

With sincere appreciation and thanks,

Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D