Inspired by our university mission, the Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT) Center Alliance at Loyola Marymount University will transform our campus culture through humanization, dialogue, and belongingness.  


  • Serve as a hub to coordinate cross-campus efforts to address instances of impact or harm using a restorative framework. This first requires developing a collective understanding among all constituents of the need to prioritize proactive relationship building - including Rx Racial Healing circles and restorative practices - as a foundation for making generative conflict possible. Continue to offer pathways for faculty, staff, and students to develop competencies and deepen their facilitation skills in these areas;
  • Embed circle practices as an essential strategy for operationalizing LMU’s commitment to antiracism articulated in the strategic plan. Simultaneously work toward more transparently articulating the connections between TRHT methodologies and our university’s mission, especially its emphasis on the whole person. Build collective recognition of how these practices function to foster an inclusive campus climate and culture that promotes belonging among all community members, especially people who have minoritized identities. These efforts will ultimately shift the campus narrative and practices related to racism and other forms of oppression;
  • Engage campus constituents to further develop our skills and competencies to respond to the needs of students and community members from historically marginalized groups. Utilize circle methodologies to build upon existing relationships and work more closely with community partners in mutuality and reciprocity.