BIRT Updates

2022-2023 Academic Year

  • Incidents reported to or coorindated by BIRT will be listed here.
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Status Terms Defined 

Please note that incidents reported above may or may not involve bias, but were reported as potentially containing bias elements by the complainant. While BIRT lists incident updates, investigation findings may reveal whether bias was or was not a factor. Please visit Public Safety's Daily Crime Log for more comprehensive information about campus incident reporting.

In Process
BIRT is currently collaborating with university offices charged with reviewing, investigating, and resolving a reported incident.

BIRT has reviewed the incident within the framework of its charge and purpose, has reported information and/or made recommendations if appropriate, and has determined that responsible university officials and/or departments have assumed responsibility for resolving an incident. Please note that this status indicates that BIRT's role in monitoring an incident may be closed but other investigation processes may be ongoing.