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November 2016

Dear Parents and Families,

It probably feels like your student started their college career at Loyola Marymount University just yesterday.  The beginning of the semester was filled with both nervousness and excitement and many, many changes.  Change, and learning how to cope with that change, has definitely been the theme of this first semester.

This semester has certainly presented new opportunities and challenges for your student, with their self-confidence, image and identity.  They have forged new relationships and identities away from home, family and friends.  Your son or daughter has been exposed to different people, personalities, cultures and opportunities.   These new experiences may have been both exciting and fun, and overwhelming and difficult.

Your student will most likely use the upcoming holiday breaks as time to reflect on the experiences of the semester and process both the successes and challenges they have encountered so far.  They might be thinking of changing majors, changing their look, or ways to make meaningful connections.  All of these are common and with time, patience and good communication, your daughter or son will learn to navigate their way through these changes.  If they have had a particularly difficult time, it will be normal for them to feel like not returning for the spring semester, but it is best to allow for a full year to work through this difficult time. We encourage you to continue to talk with them about their goals, hopes and fears in order to help guide them through the year.

Students who are still struggling may benefit from additional support and guidance. First Year Experience (FYE) has been in contact with your student since Orientation and will continue to be a resource throughout the academic year. FYE works closely with all the resource and support offices on campus and can help students connect with whatever support they need to be successful.

If your son or daughter will be staying on campus for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, please let us know. You can call Parent and Family Programs at 310.338.1798 or email us directly at lmuparentprograms@lmu.edu.  There will be many activities and events scheduled for the weekend to help students celebrate the holiday.  That schedule will be posted in your students’ residence hall and to the Parent Pride website.

The spring semester offers so many new opportunities and experiences, and we look forward to sharing them with you.  Remember to visit our Parent Pride website for archived articles and helpful information. If you have not been receiving parent information, please call 310.338.1798 or email lmuparentprograms@lmu.edu to provide us with your email address. 

Have a wonderful holiday season and we hope to see you at Family Weekend, February 10-12!

Until Next Time!

Lisha Maddox                                                                                                                                                                               Associate Director of Student Success